How to Make the Most of Your Language Course

Undoubtedly you have your own ideas of how to go about learning a foreign language.But we’d like to share some tips with you as well:

  • By learning a new language, one always gains insight into a new world.Be open to this new experience from the very beginning.
  • As a beginner you will first obtain speaking and listening skills that will help you to get through the most important everyday situations.Writing and reading follow as the second step.Your success will depend upon your ability to listen to and answer others, and whether or not you are able to ask your own questions.
  • You will be taught grammar from day one.Not as isolated rules, but in a practical context, sometimes in small individual steps.
  • Have the courage to make mistakes.Mistakes are a natural phenomenon when acquiring a language.Only by applying the language, making mistakes, being corrected when you make mistakes and by experimenting on your own with the language will you be able to make progress.
  • We use almost exclusively German in class.Do not be intimidated by this.The sooner you become accustomed to the language, the more progress you will make in learning the language.
  • Try to communicate in German outside of class as well – even if the person you are speaking with speaks your mother tongue.
  • Always ask for clarification immediately if you do not understand something.
  • Learning a language always takes time and effort. Do not expect miracles from yourself or from us.Only by making consistent use of your own potential and our program offerings will you be able to meet your goals and expectations.You should spend at least two hours a day outside of class preparing for class, completing assignments and going over what was covered in class.
  • Participate regularly, punctually and actively in class so that you don’t lose pace with the course.
  • Use time outside of class to go over again what was covered in class.But don’t just work on your homework assignments:Seek contact to the language through other people, in the media, on the street, while shopping, while working out, when you go out in the evening…
  • The extracurricular activities we organize also offer a plethora of opportunities to speak with other students.And in the process you also learn something about the culture, the country and the people of Germany.
  • Practice what you have learned with other course participants.Because it is more fun to make progress together.
  • Use appropriate learning techniques for expanding your vocabulary and understanding grammar.Always learn new words within a context.
  • Find a German tandem partner for learning together and from one another.A tandem partner enables you to learn a lot about the country, the people, the culture and German life.We are glad to help set you up with a tandem partner.
  • Reinforce your learning by using the self-teaching programs in our computer lab during the optional practice times.
  • Regularly read German newspapers and magazines.Online versions of the most important publications can be found in the link list on our Web site.
  • Take advantage of the huge offering available at the Marburg public library (Stadtbücherei).There are more than 100,000 items available to you there!You can browse the shelves in search of an interesting book, or check out one of more than 2,000 films on DVD.
  • Practice your German by listening to language courses on the radio and podcasts.Tips on that can be found in our link list.
  • Help us create a relaxed atmosphere in our courses.This makes learning easier for you and for the other participants.


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