Conditions of Participation

1. General Requirements

Course participants are asked to observe the entry regulations and conditions of residence and, if necessary, to contact a German Embassy before entering the Federal Republic of Germany. Please take into consideration that when registering for a course, your visa application process may take several months to be fully processed.

2. Performances and Fees

The course fees and the scope of performance are effective as offered in the respective folders at the date of application.

3. Enrollment and Terms of Payment

3.1. The binding enrollment is made after the written application and an advance payment for the course of EUR 200.00.
The advance payment for the course and the costs for the reserved accommodations as well as the agency fees for the accommodations are payable for the first course month. Upon receipt, the participant will receive a written confirmation by S + W speak + write.

3.2. The residual amount is due at the beginning of the course, at the latest. Course participation without full payment of the course is not possible.

3.3. All bank charges due in connection with the course fee payment are at the expense of the course participant.

4. Course changes

Written course changes without charge are possible up to two weeks before the scheduled beginning of the course. 
A course change less than two weeks before the starting date of the course does not entitle the participant to transfer the already paid course and accommodation fees to another course date. This is only possible if someone can be found to fill in the already reserved place.


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