Conditions of Participation

1. General Requirements

Course participants are asked to observe the entry regulations and conditions of residence and, if necessary, to contact a German Embassy before entering the Federal Republic of Germany. Please take into consideration that when registering for a course, your visa application process may take several months to be fully processed.

2. Performances and Fees

The course fees and the scope of performance are effective as offered in the respective folders at the date of application.

3. Enrollment and Terms of Payment

3.1. The binding enrollment is made after the written application and an advance payment for the course of at least the amount for the first three Months of the Course. In case of shorter bookings the complete fee for the course is to be payed in advance
The advance payment for the reserved accommodations as well as the agency fees for the accommodations are payable for at least the first course month. Upon receipt, the participant will receive a written confirmation by S + W speak + write.

3.2. The residual amount is due at the beginning of the course, at the latest. Course participation without full payment of the course is not possible.

3.3. All bank charges due in connection with the course fee payment are at the expense of the course participant.

4. Course changes

Written course changes without charge are possible up to two weeks before the scheduled beginning of the course. 
A course change less than two weeks before the starting date of the course does not entitle the participant to transfer the already paid course and accommodation fees to another course date. This is only possible if someone can be found to fill in the already reserved place.

5. Withdrawal and Cancellation

5.1. Written cancellation of an already booked course is only possible when the notice of withdrawal is received two weeks before the beginning of the course. Decisive is the date of arrival of the notice of withdrawal at S + W speak + write. Course fees and accommodation costs already paid are reimbursed with an administrative fee of EUR 150.00 being withheld.

5.2. A withdrawal less than two weeks before the starting date of the course does not entitle the participant to reimbursement of already paid course, as well as accommodation fees. Only when the vacancy can be filled by another participant the already paid fees can be reimbursed. An administrative fee of EUR 150.00 will always be retained.

5.3. This also applies when the participant is unable to participate due to personal, professional or private reasons.

5.4. When a commenced course is discontinued for personal or private reasons, the already paid fees and lodging costs will not be reimbursed.

5.5. The right to extraordinary notice will remain unaffected thereof.

6. Accommodation

6.1. For the booked accommodation services the current rent charge and agency fee at the time of the course is payable before the beginning of the course together with the advance payment for enrollment. This rent includes all of the additional expenses such as heating and electricity.

6.2. The reserved accommodations will be available at 8:30 am on Arrival day and must be vacated by 3:00 pm on the last day of courses.

6.3. Accommodation is provided for an entire course period in accordance with current course dates, at the full rental amount.

6.4. S + W speak + write will try to provide the desired accommodation variants within our capacity to do so, however there will be no given guarantee to any specialized accommodation. Additionally, the guarantee for an accomodation perishes, if the payment is not conducted untill two weeks before course starts.

6.5. Accommodation varies from single rooms in host families to single or double rooms as well as apartments with included cooking facilities and bathroom.

6.6. A change of accommodations is not available upon request during the duration of the course period. A request for a change of accommodations must be presented at least one week before the end of the current course period and is dependent on vacancies.

6.7. When a change of accommodation based on the request of the participant is made possible, a final, additional, cleaning fee is due.

6.8. The procured accommodations are under the contractual relationship between S + W speak + write and the course participant. The respective house rules are applicable.

7. Arrival

The scheduled date of arrival is on the first course day between 8.00 am and 10.00 am. An early arrival is not possible. Participants unable to arrive at that date must inform S + W speak + write accordingly. For our organization we require the travel dates with specified arrival time in Marburg.

8. Obligations of the Participant

8.1. In the rooms of the institute the house rules must be complied with.

8.2. The course fee does not include any insurance coverage. Please note that proof of health and personal liability insurance is mandatory for all participants. S + W speak + write assumes no liability whatsoever for any losses and/or damages of property or injuries of persons. Therefor the liability of S+W speak +write remains unaffected by any damages caused intentionally or negligently by S+W speak +write or its employees.

8.3. Minor participants require a declaration from their statutory representative for complete assumption of liability.

9. Liability of S + W speak + write

9.1. S + W speak + write is not liable for any course not taking place due to influences beyond its control. Courses take place if the minimum number of 5 participants is reached. The maximum number of participants per course is limited to 18 students. S + W speak + write reserves the right to put together individual courses under linguistic aspects or to cancel already confirmed courses for important reasons. In such case, the paid fee is reimbursed.

9.2. Classes are not held on any holidays.

10. Institutions

Special contractual regulations and terms of payment apply to institutions.

11. Governing Law and Venue

11.1. This contract is governed by German Law.

11.2. Marburg is stipulated as place of venue.

The conditions for course participation come into effect on 20/09/2021, last change: 24.03.2023