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Anyone wanting to pursue university studies in Germany must provide proof of adequate German language skills in order to be admitted to a specific field of study. This proof can be provided by passing the TestDaF.

TestDaF is a central, standardized test for German as a foreign language at the tertiary level.

We are an authorized TestDaF Testing Center and there are six test dates for the TestDaF each calendar year. Together with the examination preparation courses that we also offer, our course program provides the opportunity for you to improve your language skills and take the necessary language proficiency exam that is required for commencing studies at a German university.


TestDaF is the appropriate language certification

  • for students who wish to commence university study in Germany or who would like to continue their studies already commenced in their home country and to this end need a certification of their German language skills.
  • for students who must provide proof of their German skills in their home country.
  • for scholars who are planning to spend time at a university in Germany and who wish to test their language proficiency level.
  • for anyone in a scholarly profession who must provide proof of his or her German language skills.

Anyone wishing to register for the test should have already completed approximately 1000 hours of instruction in German. No proof of knowledge of German is required to register for the test. The test can be re-taken as often as necessary. Please take the “Fit für den TestDaF” placement test for an assessment of your previous knowledge of German.

TestDaF measures one’s language proficiency level. Test performance is divided into three levels:

  • TestDaF Level 5 (TDN 5)
  • TestDaF Level 4 (TDN 4)
  • TestDaF Level 3 (TDN 3)

TDN 5 is the highest level. TestDaF does not classify below TDN 3, but only determines that the individual being tested has not yet reached the TestDaF entry level.

The four skills

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Written expression
  • Oral expression

are tested separately in order to determine a differentiated language proficiency profile. For this reason the test results in the individual skills are listed separately on the certificate.

In accordance with the resolution of the Association of Universities and Other Higher Education Institutions in Germany from June 2004, students applying for admission to study at a tertiary institution of higher learning in Germany fulfill language requirements by obtaining a minimum of TDN 4 in all four parts of the test. At this level the TestDaF is deemed equivalent to the German Language Test for Admission to University Study for Foreign Student Appplicants (DSH 2).

Should an applicant for admission to pursue tertiary level studies not yet have obtained the test results that meet the requirements, he or she may nonetheless be admitted to certain fields of study, depending on the field of study, purpose of study, duration of study and/or other factors. The admissions decision lies with the individual university and can in some cases include additional make-up requirements (German courses parallel to pursuit of studies).

The current test dates and registration deadlines can be found at the website of the TestDaF-Institute.

Applicants can register online at the website of the TestDaF-Institute.

The test fee is € 195.00. It can be payed by credit card or by means of a debit entry from a German account.

For your individual preparation you can download Modelltest 2 and Modelltest 3 from the TestDaF Institute Web site.

Further information is available on the TestDaF-Institute Web site. Additional information on the TestDaF is also available on YouTube.